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No Insurance? We got you covered!

Purposely Evolving Medical Clinic is located in the heart of Tarpon Springs. At Purposely Evolving you will receive affordable, attentive and personalized care, without feeling rushed. Our advanced practice provider, has multiple ways of caring for you such as, same day or next day appointments are available and we offer virtual or telephone visits. We provide empathic, attentive and first class weight management, Hormone therapy replacement, and primary care services for everything from physicals to chronic disease management, sports physicals, and all around comprehensive care. We are excited to care for you and welcome you to our Evolving family. Direct Primary care is a alternative payment model to improve access to health care with a simple flat and affordable membership fee.

At Purposely Evolving there is NO fee-for-Service payments, NO third party billing and No co-pays. With DPC at Purposely Evolving allows for enduring, empathic and a trusting relationship between the patient and his or her primary care provider.  This achieves Superior health outcomes, authentic relationship between patient and provider, created a happy patient and provider. At Purposely Evolving there is a flat rate for membership paid directly to the practice. Because some services are not available or covered, Purposely evolving suggest that patients acquire a high-deductible wraparound policy to cover emergencies, and or hospital admissions.



  • At Purposely Evolving you will receive little to No wait time.

  • Access to your provider

  • Direct Relationship with your health care provider

  • Fewer patients = more time with your health care provider

  • Longer appointments ( In person, Virtually or phone)

  • No Co-Pay

  • No third party Billing

  • Transparent cost that is clear and consistent

  • No hidden cost - but all labs, imaging and testing may cost but this can be discussed prior to rendering any treatment

  • Telemedicine services are available when you need it


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First month fee

1 hour consultation with provider

Complete lab panel ( Drawn in office, if patient is fasting)

Complete Physical Exam

Medical history review, Surgical history review, medications review, EKG (if warranted)

Mental Health Assessment

Medications on-site or sent to pharmacy of choice 

Fewer patients=More time with your health care rovider

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Direct Relationship with your health care provider

11 appointments per calendar year

If visits exceed 11 visit a year, there will be $40 per additional visit

 Access To provider for sick or Urgent care options

Chronic disease management (diabetes, hypertension, depression, etc.)

Affordable labs, mediations and Diagnostic testing ( Imaging)

 Portal Access

 Telehealth, Virtual and telephone Options

Care collaboration with specialist if needed

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Annual preventative Physical exam with Basic labs ( can be drawn in office if fasting)

Chronic disease management (diabetes, hypertension, Elevated Cholesterol depression, etc.)

Sports physical

Family and contraceptive planning


Rapid COVID 19Testing

Rapid Flu Testing

Rapid Strep Throat Testing

Testing and Treatment for UTI

Office labs and special Lab orders

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